Hello friends! 

My name is Juliana Suarez. I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I enrolled in a class called "Elementary Teaching Internship" my junior year in high school. 

I observed an amazing bilingual kindergarten classroom (and teacher) and 4 years later, I finally had my own kinder classroom. I will begin my seventh year as a bilingual teacher for gifted and talented students this upcoming fall. 

I worked as a bilingual assistant for four years while attending UTD to become a bilingual GT (Gifted and Talented) teacher. As a bilingual assistant, I started noticing that all of the teachers were creating their own materials and were translating indefinitely throughout the year, sometimes there was a limited amount of resources the teachers could use in Spanish which gave me an idea of creating my own.

My goal was to create materials that were aligned to the curriculum and were engaging for my students, and that is how Kinder Bilingue started. I hope my resources save you time so you can focus on your teaching rather than translating and spending after school hours creating activities. Knowing that  you are using something I created for my class gives me the  best feeling of appreciation.
I create materials for my gifted students which come to me at various ability levels and I have taught all grade levels but my primary focus in K-2nd grade.

I hope that you find new activities you want to try with your students and that can also save you a lot of time.